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Numeris releases first dataset from “game-changing” cross-platform video measurement

Numeris – a Canadian audience data and insights company – has released the first data set from its cross-platform video measurement, VAM. Anita Boyle-Evans VP, Client Services at Numeris sat down with President and CEO of ThinkTV, Catherine MacLeod, as part of the Future of TV Advertising Canada event to discuss this “game-changing” development, and the path towards cross-platform video measurement.

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The first dataset from Numeris’ cross-platform video measurement solution for Canada, called VAM, has been released. The dataset covers Ontario and Quebec currently – approximately 50% of the Canadian market according to Numeris. Describing the initiative as “game-changing”, Anita Boyle-Evans (VP, Client Services at Numeris) sat down with President and CEO of ThinkTV, Catherine MacLeod, to discuss the process of developing VAM and the significance of a single source measurement for advertisers.

Boyle-Evans reflected on the reasons advertisers are pushing towards cross-media and cross-video platform measurement. “In a nutshell” she said, “it will add clarity around video spend and video consumption. It’ll allow them to see the value between digital video and linear TV.” Adequate cross-platform video measurement gives valuable insight to marketers, who are able to pull metrics along many different axes – demographic, content, platform, device – and look at unduplicated audiences across different platforms.

MacLeod questioned whether the sort of panel-based approach taken by Numeris to develop cross-platform measurement is now antiquated. Boyle-Evans argued that a single-source panel approach is indispensable: “More and more, we’re seeing it’s vital to have a panel at the base of what you’re doing. It’s important to be able to tie the behaviour you’re seeing back to actual people. We’ve always said the panel will be at the core, not just of VAM…but also for cross-media when we move into audio”. Numeris’ approach involves measuring linear and digital media exposure for the same group, to report audience behaviour for all platforms and devices, on a duplicated and unduplicated basis.

Boyle-Evans noted that the World Federation of Advertisers wanted the industry to establish Joint Industry Committees (JIC) and tackle common issues collectively. She said, “The good news is that Numeris is a JIC. With that we have representation from agencies, advertisers and broadcasters, and we have valuable input from them as we create new products coming to market.” Accordingly, Numeris created a cross media advisory group for VAM and video measurement which included Facebook and Google, and had three beta tester groups working with the data before its first release.

Throughout the discussion, Boyle-Evans was emphatic that adequate cross-platform measurement is a collaborative enterprise, and must evolve and improve according to the requirements and feedback of the advertising industry.

Another significant advantage of Numeris being a JIC, Boyle-Evans clarified, is having the flexibility to source any technology for the products it wants to develop, without being tied to any one organisation. “As a JIC, advertisers and agencies have been contributing at the board room table all along, but you’re in position where you’re issuing RFPs (Request For Proposals), going out and saying ‘We need this done according to our requirements – who’s going to do the best job?’”

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