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NBCUniversal and RTL AdConnect strike “ground breaking” global ad inventory partnership

NBCUniversal and RTL AdConnect have announced a partnership that will see both brands give each other access to their TV and digital inventory. RTL AdConnect will be able to offer NBCUniversal inventory to its European clients, while NBCUniversal will represent AdConnect’s Total Video European portfolio to its U.S. and China-based clients. Global advertisers will be able to reach cross-border audiences more easily.

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NBCUniversal – the Comcast-owned media and entertainment giant – has reached an ad inventory partnership with international advertising sales house, RTL AdConnect. The deal, described as “ground breaking” by the companies, will see both NBCUniversal and RTL AdConnect give each other access to their TV and digital inventory assets. RTL AdConnect will provide its European clients and partner agencies access to all NBCUniversal-owned inventory in six European markets – Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Additionally, NBCUniversal will offer its clients in the United States and China access to RTL AdConnect’s Total Video European portfolio, which includes inventory from RTL Group, ITV, RAI and DPG Media (therefore covering  France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg).

NBCUniversal says the move increases its brand footprint outside the United States and enhances its One Platform offering, which aims to give clients reach into audiences across the full ecosystem of NBCUniversal programming and media. The partnership also bolsters RTL AdConnect’s efforts to become a “one-stop-shop offering in Europe” and to create stronger links with companies based in the U.S. and China. RTL AdConnect says it reaches around 165 million potential consumers in Europe every day across a portfolio of media partners, which includes 150 TV channels, 300 digital platforms and 40 radio stations.

KC Sullivan, President of Global Advertising and Partnership, NBCUniversal, says: “We want NBCUniversal to be the number one choice for marketers globally. RTL strengthens our advertising offering in Continental Europe as we strive to deepen our presence across the region.”

Stéphane Coruble, CEO, RTL AdConnect, comments, “We are thrilled about this bilateral partnership with NBCUniversal. This new collaboration widens our international footprint with the leading U.S. broadcasting group and allows us to provide marketers with even more global advertising solutions.”

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