Home Newswire Simulmedia believes TV+ will give advertisers “certainty of business outcomes”

Simulmedia believes TV+ will give advertisers “certainty of business outcomes”

Simulmedia has now launched TV+, the fifth generation of its advanced TV buying platform. The company says TV+ provides a full end-to-end solution for advertisers – including planning, activation, trafficking, reconciliation and measurement – to run campaigns across all major networks, giving them access to over 300 million U.S. viewers. Simulmedia believes TV+ is “the most advanced platform for TV advertising – ever”.

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Simulmedia has launched its fifth generation advanced TV buying platform, TV+, aimed at helping advertisers drive campaigns across both linear TV and CTV. The cross-channel platform is a full end-to-end solution that encompasses planning, activation, trafficking, reconciliation and measurement. The company believes the offering helps advertisers avoid having to “cobble various vendors together” and addresses the issue of fragmentation by giving advertisers access to “the largest, aggregated scaled reach via the widest swathe of cross-network, cross-company partnerships and integrations available.” Simulmedia can plan and buy media across 250 national broadcast and cable stations, and, according to the company, give marketers access to over 300 million viewers in the U.S.

TV+ also provides advertisers with performance insights, using both first-party metrics and third-party data from partnered independent measurement companies. According to Simulmedia, this allows real-time reporting on campaign KPIs (both in-flight and after completion) that is transparent because “unlike so many others, we don’t grade our own homework”.

Simulmedia also emphasises that TV+ is automated and enables marketers to plan, traffic and activate campaigns at speed – “in a matter of days or even hours” and with a high degree of flexibility. The platform integrates first- or third-party data with its proprietary machine learning technology to predict where an advertiser’s target audience will be watching, and clients can use the budget recommendation tool to discover the optimal linear/CTV split and drive the most cost-effective incremental reach at different media budget levels, according to Simulmedia. The platform’s buying algorithm then selects the spots that will achieve that reach, giving clients “guaranteed impression delivery” as well as “certainty of business outcomes”.

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