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iWedia helps Canal+ International deliver identical service via second STB supplier

Canal+ International has chosen iWedia to provide it with software integration services, as well as maintenance services, as it engages a second set-top-box (STB) supplier. By porting the ‘Zapper’ solution – used in areas with no Internet connectivity – to the new STB supplier, as well as integrating other solutions, iWedia will ensure service across both STB models is identical.

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Canal+ International – a Pay TV and OTT service provider – is engaging a second STB supplier and has chosen iWedia to provide software integration services across both its device suppliers. The move reflects growth in satellite broadcast markets – particularly in French-speaking African countries –and Canal+ International growth through acquisitions and partnerships.

Canal+ International faced challenges partnering with another STB supplier, including providing the same quality of service across both device suppliers, as well as the number of global territories which would need specific adaptations based on their language, security and connectivity requirements, alongside other elements.

To maintain identical service across STBs, iWedia will port Canal+ International’s pre-existing software solutions to the new STB supplier, including the ‘Zapper solution’ – a Linux-based system  that supports consistent service in areas without Internet connectivity. iWedia has ensured “security requirements are in place, PVR solutions are accessible, and connected services can be made available via 3G dongles” for the new STB supplier. It will also work with Canal+ International and both suppliers on maintenance and software updates across STBs.

Jerome Trift, CANAL+ International’s CTO, said, “It was clear that this project, while necessary, would add significant complexity to our existing software solution, and we needed a reliable partner to help us. With iWedia’s extensive software integration experience in the market, we were confident that they could work with us to solve any challenges and ensure a smooth launch for our expanded service, as well as provide continued software maintenance across both STBs in the years ahead.”

Hans-Jürgen Desor, CEO, iWedia, says, “iWedia’s work on this project has certainly been complex, not least due to the diverse needs of many territories to consider… CANAL+ International invests heavily in its diverse territories, with local content that supports local cultures and affordable bouquets of services available in financially disadvantaged regions. Its customers will continue to receive a high quality and reliable service experience, whichever STB they choose.”

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