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Future-proofing ad-supported Connected TV for primetime

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The rapid growth of streaming TV consumption makes it imperative that networks, studios and MVPDs have a ‘grown up’ connected TV offering – one that allows them to compete for every eyeball and ad dollar that migrates into the premium digital video environment. This means:

  • Holding onto audiences, and attracting new viewers, by ensuring a consumer-friendly ad experience with modest ad loads, frequency capping and relevant ads.
  • Enabling ad insertion (and targeting) at huge scale with total reliability, so that mega-events including sport and breaking news can be fully monetized.
  • Maximizing the value of inventory by carefully managing direct sales with multiple programmatic demand sources.
  • Effectively using audience data to achieve better targeting and a personalized ad viewing experience, even in a cookie-less world.

The pandemic accelerated all digital behaviours, including TV viewing. Mass-scale connected TV was tomorrow’s opportunity and challenge, but tomorrow arrived early. Join us live to hear how networks, studios and distributors can rethink the ad-supported TV model and ready themselves for connected TV primetime.

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This webcast explores:

  • What a holistic ad performance and revenue strategy looks like, and how you find the sweet spot where ‘audience + avails = best possible yield outcome’, and how you avoid the one extra ad that loses you money, as viewers ‘tune out’.
  • The potential for greater integration and synergies between SSAI and audience data and targeting capabilities –and how this could be implemented.
  • How to manage ad frequency in a multi ad server (direct, programmatic, affiliate) environment and so ensure ad repetition does not degrade the ‘premium’ TV experience.
  • The next steps in dynamic ad insertion, including the benefits of server-side ad insertion and client-side ad insertion, and how these can be used successfully in a hybrid model.
  • The potential for a multi-DAI vendor strategy (similar to multi-CDN strategies) and how this could influence ad delivery performance and costs.
  • How to manage multiple inventory owners within the same video session using an understanding of who has the ‘right to sell’, plus the ad routing and decisioning processes that support sales business rules.
  • The special considerations when streaming ad-supported content into MVPD set-top boxes.
  • How to monitor and diagnose the causes of ad errors, and so increase ad delivery reliability.
  • How organizations are managing ad insertion for very large scale events, including the implications for ad insertion infrastructure
  • Jessica Dufresne, Head of Advertising Operations & Digital Advertising Technology, DISH Media
  • Byron Saltysiak, VP of Video and Connected Devices, WarnerMedia
  • Chris Hock, Head, Business Development & Strategy, M&E, Adobe
  • Moderator, John Moulding, Editor-in-Chief, Videonet

Watch free:

You can register for this webcast, which is free to watch, here.

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