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Blue Ant Media launches new FAST channels on Samsung TV Plus in Canada

Blue Ant Media has launched two new FAST channels – HauntTV and Crimetime – on Samsung TV Plus in Canada. The company says the move represents its “latest step in expanding [its] rapidly growing FAST offering” and hinted at further expansion.

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 Blue Ant Media – a content creator and distributor and channel operator – has expanded its FAST channel offering in Canada by launching two new channels on Samsung TV Plus: HauntTV and Crimetime. Viewers watching HauntTV will have access to programming covering “some of the most terrifying ghost and horror stories from around the globe.” Titles on the channel include Ghost Chasers, Ghostly Encounters, and World’s Scariest Hauntings. Titles on the Crimetime channel include Paranormal Survivor, See No Evil and In Ice Cold Blood.

Jamie Schouela, President of Global Channels & Media, Blue Ant Media, said: “We’re excited to bring Blue Ant’s FAST channels to the Samsung TV Plus platform and introduce our paranormal and true crime series to a new audience. This is the latest step in expanding our rapidly growing FAST offering and there’s more to come!”

HauntTV (channel # 1420) and Crimetime (channel #1137) are available via the Samsung TV Plus app on 2016 – 2021 Samsung TVs and on select Samsung Galaxy mobile devices in Canada.

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