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Connected TV Summit 23 – preparing an avalanche of TV strategy thought-leadership

Connected TV World Summit is in London on March 21-22, exploring the raison d’etre for Pay TV, the future role of free-to-air DTT/satellite aggregators, how broadcasters can increase their share of digital viewing time, how the TV industry decarbonises without shrinking, and much, much more. Deutsche Telekom, Sky, Allente, TV3 Group, Peacock, NBCUniversal Media, Play Suisse, All3Media, Paramount, Rakuten TV and RDK are among the early confirmed speakers.

Joe Nilsson, then of SportsTribal (facing camera), with Colin Dixon of nScreenMedia, at CTV Summit 2022
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Connected TV World Summit is on March 21-22 this year and is tackling some of the biggest strategy questions facing the television industry, including what is the raison d’etre for Pay TV platforms when viewers can see their favourite pay channel content via a D2C app, and what is the future role for free-to-air DTT/satellite aggregators when we know the world is moving to all-streaming (and when their original government backed purpose – to ensure FTA homes didn’t become second-class citizens during the first digital revolution – is becoming redundant)?

Whole sessions are devoted to answering these questions, and others explore how broadcasters can increase their share of digital viewing time, and what the expansion of SAVOD (Subscription with Advertising VOD, exemplified by Netflix Basic with Ads) and FAST means for the TV advertising market. Early confirmed speakers across the agenda include:

  • Pedro Bandeira, Vice President Product and New Business, Europe, Deutsche Telekom
  • Aušra Sidaravičienė, Group Chief Technical Officer, TV3 Group
  • John Jelley, Senior Vice President, Product and UX, Peacock & International, D2C at NBCUniversal Media
  • Ken Morse, Director of Application Delivery, Sky
  • Pierre-Adrian Irlé, Head of Play Suisse, SRG SSR
  • Jason Briggs, President and General Manager, RDK
  • Mehmet Eroglu, Chief Commercial Officer, Foxxum
  • Gary Woolf, EVP Strategic Development, All3Media International
  • Marcos Milanez, EU General Manager, Rakuten TV
  • Ivars Lubāns, Head of Product, Go3, TV3 Group
  • Akhila Khanna, VP, Partnerships and Business Development, UK, Paramount.

You can see an up-to-date list of publicly announced speakers here.

There is a session titled ‘Driving D2C and SVOD growth’, focusing on how channel groups, studios and SVOD providers maximise their potential audience reach, convert app availability into paying customers, maintain attention in an increasingly competitive marketplace, guarantee win-win relationships with CE/OS/STB device platform providers, and expand market share during a cost-of-living crisis.

As part of a four-session advertising stream on Tuesday March 21, leaders who are driving the advanced advertising transformation will explore how we maximise the value of free connected TV, and how we make TV a better product for advertisers (spanning the latest thinking on making cross-platform buying easier, improving cross-platform measurement, and attributing TV exposure to business outcomes, among other things.

A session is devoted to ‘Preparing for a larger addressable TV universe’, exploring the challenges (as well as opportunities) as the number of addressable-enabled platforms and homes increases – acknowledging the fact that free-to-air platforms are increasingly ready to join the party, adding to Pay TV and streaming footprints.

The ‘Win-wins in the Television OS marketplace’ session focuses on how TV-OS providers, television set OEMs and content owners work together to increase total household reach, audience engagement and ongoing revenue opportunities for streaming TV. This includes  a look at the Pay TV operator Smart TV model (pioneered by Sky Glass), the role of independent OS/UX providers, and how global OS/UX providers in the CTV/Smart TV space differentiate themselves.

Connected TV World Summit is renowned for delivering smart new thinking and research, and many of the world’s leading analysts are gathering to explore these mission-critical issues:

  • ‘The subscription economy in an inflationary era’ – Tim Mulligan, Executive Vice President and Research Director, MIDiA Research
  • ‘Content and windowing strategies in the D2C market’ – Jack Davison, Executive Vice President, 3Vision
  • ‘The impact of Netflix and TikTok in video advertising’ – Maria Rua Aguete, Senior Director, Media and Entertainment, Omdia
  • ‘How broadcasters increase their share-of-time in digital’ – Lottie Towler, Research Manager, Ampere Analysis
  • ‘The future of free-to-air aggregation’ – Richard Broughton, Executive Director, Ampere Analysis
  • ‘Decarbonising TMT’ – Alice Enders, Director of Research, Enders Analysis
  • ‘Technology choices shaping the sports experience of the future’ – Tom Morrod, Research Director & Co-Founder, Caretta Research
  • ‘Media & Entertainment opportunities in the metaverse’ – Joseph Teasdale, Head of Tech, Enders Analysis.

‘Delivering an experience: STB & Operator App’ is a session that explores two parallel and closely entwined technology roadmaps: the next-generation TV experience delivered via a set-top box, and operator/aggregator services enabled directly on a television without an STB, whether in the form of ‘Operator as an App’ on a third-party television brand or embedded into an operator-produced television set (as with the pioneering Sky Glass model).

In ‘Cementing the consumer love affair with TV’, 90 minutes are devoted to best practice and global innovation in content discovery. Ampere Analysis is leading a special session dedicated to the future of televised sport, focusing on rights and distribution strategy, while there are parallel sessions devoted to beating the sports streaming pirates and building the sports streaming networks of the future.

Connected TV World Summit has moved to a new venue: Convene, 22 Bishopsgate – London’s second tallest building, next to the Gherkin and minutes from Tower 42. For the first time, the organisers (disclaimer – Videonet is owned by Adwanted Group, which produces Connected TV World Summit) are hosting some Masterclasses, making use of ultra-modern networking and meeting spaces to dig deeper into narrow-focus topics, led by experts in the field.

Nathalie Lethbridge, Founder and Principal Advisor, Atonik Digital, leads the FAST Masterclass, and the consulting/research firm MTM leads the Customer Retention and Acquisition Masterclass. There is a special breakfast devoted to how we decarbonise the television value-chain while ensuring the industry ends the process as large as it started.

The organisers are predicting 100+ senior-level speakers and 600+ (unique) delegates over the two days.

You can find more details about Connected TV World Summit 2023, here.

The registration for this event can be found here.

Connected TV World Summit is produced by Adwanted Events (formerly called Mediatel Events). Adwanted Events also delivers The Future of TV Advertising Global (also with Sydney and Canada editions), The Future of Media, The Future of Brands and The Future of Audio, among others.

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