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DAZN looks to integrate interactive formats in the future

At the Future of TV Advertising conference in London last month, Ronan McCarthy, SVP Media Operations, DAZN, said that the sports streamer is looking...

The case for bothism: ending the false choice between short-term and long-term marketing tactics

“Both short-termism and long-termism are really just ‘wrong termism’ in my view,” said Tom Roach, VP of Brand Strategy at Jellyfish, while speaking at...

The future of SVOD is partly ad-funded

Ampere Analysis has been assessing what it means for the TV industry now major SVODs like Netflix and Disney have introduced advertising tiers. Competition is one factor driving the strategic pivot, but price is a key factor. “When we look at sign-up and cancellation patterns among different subscriber bases, the main driver is price,” Richard Broughton, Research Director at Ampere, recently told delegates at The Future of TV Advertising Global.

The next frontier for data at ITV

ITV has created a direct link from data to profitability. This was one of the observations offered by the company recently when outlining its work to adopt a more joined-up approach to data. Many areas of the business are benefiting: ITV’s own marketing, addressable advertising products, product development, and personalisation of the viewing experience on ITVX – like telling viewers what they might want to watch next. More consumption equals more advertising capacity. The broadcaster has been explaining the tech evolution involved, including a move to a decentralised data model.

The future of Total TV: how we deliver cross-platform audiences at scale, and make...

Senior executives at Manning Gottlieb OMD, Sky, YouTube and ITV have been giving their views on the evolution of Total TV and how the TV industry delivers large-scale cross-platform audiences – and makes them an easy buy for agencies and brands. You can hear what they think about the arrival of advertising tiers on Netflix and Disney+, and changes they want to see over the next 12 months across the wider market. This conversation spans the convergence of linear broadcast, addressable and streaming, how agencies judge the value of different screens and platforms, and the role of broadcaster-controlled programmatic like Planet V.

TV has the best ratio between ROI and contribution to sales

“Advertisers still have two main goals in this fragmented media landscape: to fuel their brand equity and generate massive sales,” said Sylvie Kolmayer, Deputy...

Sky outlines plans for the future of targeted advertising on Sky Glass

At The Future of TV Advertising conference last week in London, Patrick Béhar, Chief Business Officer, UK & Ireland, Sky, outlined the company’s plans...

BVOD is the most efficient video driver of short-term sales

At The Future of TV Advertising conference in London last week, Matt Hill, Research and Planning Director at Thinkbox (the marketing body for commercial...

Belgian and Swiss Pay TV operators accept the end of ad-free time-shifting on STBs

Major Pay TV operators across both Belgium and Switzerland are cooperating with broadcasters to allow advertising in Replay TV and even PVR recordings when viewed on their set-top boxes. In both countries, a new model has been agreed that involves pre-roll ads or unskippable breaks. This is a significant moment, as the sustainability of commercial broadcasters and their popular local content becomes a bigger priority than pure consumer choice (whether to watch ads). The growing volume of time-shifted TV viewing, combined with greater competition for broadcaster money, explains the development.

TikTok to command 37% of online video advertising revenues by 2027, according to Omdia

“Online video is still exploding and advertising is going to be a large part of it. A small Chinese vertical video company will be...

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