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The Future of TV Advertising Global – what to expect

The Future of TV Advertising Global returns on December 8, with the unification of television and digital, connected TV, addressable TV advertising, identity and measurement among the key themes at the three-day conference. In Part One of our event preview, we highlight some of the world-class innovation being showcased by the sell-side, what the buyers are thinking, some of the up-to-date advertising research and fresh thinking that is on the agenda, and the sessions devoted to how we scale addressable TV advertising.

Contextual targeting as a replacement for audience-based targeting

GDPR and the demise of third-party cookies is making audience-based targeting harder, for the industry as a whole. Comscore believes it has the solution, using opted-in panels to understand consumer behaviour and buying signals and then matching this against known media consumption with very granular contextual detail. Advertisers with a target audience can find robust ‘lookalikes’ and forecast where they can find them, buying the media directly or programmatically based on context.

Why the 5G era relies on a new breed of CDN – new Vision...

A new Vision Paper argues that a new breed of CDN is needed for telcos to fully monetise 5G and to support the enhanced services and applications that will separate the 5G era from the 4G world, including enhanced video services. It outlines what is needed, starting with virtualisation and pushing the CDN edge closer to users than it has ever been before. There is an opportunity for telcos to monetise their own 5G CDN if they want.

Synamedia’s Iris addressable advertising solution: the deep-dive

Iris from Synamedia is an important addition to the ad-tech market, providing a comprehensive addressable TV advertising solution for platform operators, BVOD and non-broadcaster OTT. Iris supports dynamic ad insertion for every possible use-case including one-way broadcast networks, and includes a TV-specific DMP to harness viewing insights for targeting. There is a unified campaign manager to track frequency, pacing and delivery against target, and to forecast future targeting opportunities.

Connected TV World Summit: hear the biggest issues facing media owners and platforms

Connected TV World Summit opens its digital doors on Wednesday and Thursday and there is still time to register for the free streams. Themes include super-aggregation, better blending of linear with on-demand, the future of content distribution, successful deployment of next-generation TV platforms into multiple territories, and the growing connected TV opportunity for platforms, content owners and advertisers.

Mediatel Events launches the Media Leaders Awards 2021

It has been a tumultuous year for media. The challenges have included getting television and advertising content produced with social restrictions, understanding consumer sentiment and delivering appropriate advertising when the world is changing every day, and all while introducing entirely new workflows and working practices across the board. Our industry leaders deserve some recognition for dealing with years of structural change in the space of weeks. The newly launched Media Leaders Awards will put them in the spotlight.

Planet V goes live at ITV, combining progressive ad-tech with full broadcaster sovereignty

Planet V is programmatic, on our terms. So says ITV as it emphasises the need for broadcaster control and the avoidance of programmatic value-chain payment extraction as a pre-requisite for a more digital world. The end-to-end planning, buying and reporting platform for ITV Hub is now live as a fully self-serve solution. More than one premium publisher is confirmed to join the platform in 2021.

Comscore and Samba TV boost cross-platform TV measurement in Europe

Comscore has partnered with Samba TV to harness ACR-based viewing insights from Smart TVs to demonstrate ad exposure and match that against business outcomes like purchase behaviour. The deal applies to Europe and is part of an ambition to boost TV measurement and analytics globally. The companies claim their measurement capabilities are unmatched and that the partnership is a game-changer for global marketers.

Revry highlights the opportunity to build ‘niche’ multichannel, streaming-only, linear TV groups

Revry is the born-digital LGBTQ-focused streaming provider that started life in SVOD and AVOD, launched one streaming linear channel and is now dramatically expanding its linear/live offer in an attempt to become the first ‘niche’ SVOD to become a multichannel ‘broadcaster’ operating purely in the digital realm. Linear TV is the preferred means to specialise programming output within what is already an audience sub-segment, in a bid to super-serve a diverse community.

Pay TV at an inflection point: the need for unification and a new cost...

Synamedia and AWS have been explaining why they believe the Pay TV industry is at an inflection point, in need of an updated UX that includes blended OTT and broadcast services, plus a new business footing with a permanently lower cost base. On a recent webcast, they explained how a unified cloud TV platform helps achieve these objectives as part of a transformation that begins with the elimination of service, network and screen based operations siloes.

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