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Putting an end to audience under-delivery and make-goods, and over-delivery with its wasted inventory

Audience-based buying allows broadcasters to guarantee a total audience rather than particular ad spots. Once adopted, it enables dynamic inventory re-allocations based on overnight audience figures or STB return path data to ensure no campaign over-delivers or under-delivers. xG GamePlan from Imagine Communications harnesses the cloud to optimise this inventory management, reducing the likelihood of make-goods and the costly admin that goes with them, and minimising the chance of audience over-delivery and wasted inventory that could have been sold to another advertiser or used for content promotion. Nine Network in Australia demonstrates the full power of this solution in one of the best examples of how inventory planning can be revolutionised.

The quest for scale in addressable TV, with broadcaster deals the next big hurdle

The cost for Pay TV operators deploying addressable TV advertising is one-tenth of what it was a few years ago and it should now be affordable for even small service providers, whether they collaborate with other operators or work alone. Widespread support for all STB types is one of the building blocks for scale, and goes on the ‘Done’ checklist. According to one ad-tech leader, the single biggest challenge now is getting broadcasters onboard so we can ramp up addressable inventory.

Latest speakers revealed as Videoscape Europe focuses on ‘life at the tipping point’ in...

There is no doubt we are at the tipping point in the long transition from all-broadcast to all-streaming and Videoscape Europe, the thought-leadership event for premium streamed television, is focused on what this means for Media & Entertainment strategies. The conference is focused on digital transition, seizing the global growth opportunity, next-generation content discovery and engagement, and how we successfully replicate the free-to-view model in the streaming space. Confirmed speakers include NBCU, ITV, Struum, Twitter, ViacomCBS Networks International, Revry, Rakuten Advertising and Foxxum.

The SVOD that wants to be No.4 in every market by curating ‘the best...

Imagine an SVOD service that was called ‘Not Netflix, Amazon or Disney, but everything else’ and hosted content from the next 300 most important SVOD services in a market, with the ambition of being the fourth VOD destination everyone goes to. Your monthly subscription is converted to credits that can be used to view content assets from any of the partners. That, in a nutshell, is Struum, a service that launches in the U.S. this spring with nearly 40 SVOD partners already signed up. And the company intends to go global.

Paying attention: ad industry gets behind media trading shift

Media researcher Professor Karen Nelson-Field tells Michaela Jefferson about her new attention-focused media planning tool and why it could transform the way media is bought and sold. AttentionTrace, shuns "meaningless and non-universal" metrics such as shares, likes, followers and even OTS. Instead, it demonstrates active and passive attention and normalises this complex data so different platforms or dayparts, etc. can be compared.

The pandemic has made addressable TV advertising even more important

Marcien Jenckes, President, Advertising at Comcast Cable, has highlighted the impact of Covid and lockdowns on how we shop, how we interact with brands and how we consume media. In all cases, data and personalisation play a bigger role than ever, and with television riding high after record audiences in 2020, Jenckes believes now is the moment to capitalise on these trends by growing the market for addressable TV advertising.

The Future of TV Advertising Global – what to expect

The Future of TV Advertising Global returns on December 8, with the unification of television and digital, connected TV, addressable TV advertising, identity and measurement among the key themes at the three-day conference. In Part One of our event preview, we highlight some of the world-class innovation being showcased by the sell-side, what the buyers are thinking, some of the up-to-date advertising research and fresh thinking that is on the agenda, and the sessions devoted to how we scale addressable TV advertising.

Contextual targeting as a replacement for audience-based targeting

GDPR and the demise of third-party cookies is making audience-based targeting harder, for the industry as a whole. Comscore believes it has the solution, using opted-in panels to understand consumer behaviour and buying signals and then matching this against known media consumption with very granular contextual detail. Advertisers with a target audience can find robust ‘lookalikes’ and forecast where they can find them, buying the media directly or programmatically based on context.

Why the 5G era relies on a new breed of CDN – new Vision...

A new Vision Paper argues that a new breed of CDN is needed for telcos to fully monetise 5G and to support the enhanced services and applications that will separate the 5G era from the 4G world, including enhanced video services. It outlines what is needed, starting with virtualisation and pushing the CDN edge closer to users than it has ever been before. There is an opportunity for telcos to monetise their own 5G CDN if they want.

Synamedia’s Iris addressable advertising solution: the deep-dive

Iris from Synamedia is an important addition to the ad-tech market, providing a comprehensive addressable TV advertising solution for platform operators, BVOD and non-broadcaster OTT. Iris supports dynamic ad insertion for every possible use-case including one-way broadcast networks, and includes a TV-specific DMP to harness viewing insights for targeting. There is a unified campaign manager to track frequency, pacing and delivery against target, and to forecast future targeting opportunities.

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