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Synamedia launches all-encompassing addressable TV advertising solution

Drawing on an ad-tech heritage that goes back as far as Sky’s AdSmart, Synamedia has introduced an addressable advertising solution that includes ad decisioning and targeting, unified campaign management and measurement. The solution supports all forms of inventory in a single campaign, covering linear and on-demand across broadcast and streaming. This is viewed as a gateway to new revenues for Pay TV, broadcasters and OTT providers

Vodafone Germany onboards DAZN app to its set-top boxes

With DAZN preparing to show 45 Bundesliga matches this season and 106 games in the following four seasons, Pay TV operator Vodafone Germany has onboarded the content owner’s app so its customers can easily access the service via its set-top boxes. DAZN acknowledges that expecting Pay TV subscribers to switch to a secondary device to watch premium sports is an unnecessary obstacle.

Still room for 3 billion more SVOD subscriptions across 20 markets

Ampere Analysis has modelled the theoretical ceiling for SVOD stacking in 20 markets, on the basis of generally static household TV spend and the need for SVOD to wrestle money from Pay TV. The ceiling is determined by how much exclusive sport, movie and other content Pay TV operators retain. The maximum stack for the average U.S. home could be eight. The actual average for the UK and Germany is likely to be three. Ampere is forecasting 3 billion more SVOD contracts in the 20 markets studied, all things considered.

CTV advertising boosts purchase intent and brand sentiment more than broadcast TV

A survey of 1,800 U.S. consumers by Unruly shows, the company claims, that connected TV advertising is far more likely to drive purchases, website or store visits, brand searches, and positive word-of-mouth than broadcast linear TV advertising. The company claims that marketers are trailing consumers when it comes to harnessing this television ‘channel’ to market.

Global net SVOD additions rose 16% during 2019

The number of gross SVOD subscriptions grew by 28% in 2019, while the number of net subscriptions (taking additions and losses into account) rose by 16%. That means another 55 million SVOD subscriptions were added (net) in 2019, taking the global total to 403 million.

How retail device manufacturers stay relevant in the hybrid broadcast/OTT world – Videonet webcast

A new Videonet webcast explores why it is beneficial for TV/STB makers to support broadcaster hybrid broadcast broadband (HBB) initiatives in local markets and how they can easily implement and keep up-to-date with related specifications. A product demonstration will illustrate the gold standard in HBB, making it clear that the broadcast world is at the very forefront of ‘blended’ broadcast/streaming user experiences. Panellists will argue that local broadcast HBB specs should be harnessed as the broadcast element on new connected devices.

Addressable TV advertising for every Pay TV operator – new solution explained

A Videonet webcast recently outlined a new, end-to-end solution for Pay TV operators who want to get into the addressable TV advertising market. It harnesses the power of viewing data to segment audiences and includes all ad decisioning, campaign management and programmatic demand generation. Operators do not have to implement any ad-tech and can use legacy STBs. They do not need their own sales house.

HESP Alliance formed to accelerate market deployments for “game-changing” streaming technology

HESP enables latency as low as 400ms and zapping at sub-100ms for streaming, enabling broadcast-equivalent consumer experiences. The HESP Alliance, founded by THEO Technologies and Synamedia, aims to fast-track standardisation and large-scale implementations and is open for new members, who are encouraged to develop and share extensions. A certification programme for HESP-compliant solutions will ensure interoperability.

P&G is first advertiser to integrate with The Trade Desk to buy Channel 4...

The Trade Desk has partnered with UK broadcaster Channel 4 to give advertisers access to targeted live and on-demand services programmatically. The company is one of several DSPs able to trade the inventory. The partnership was made possible because The Trade Desk will transfer a Clearcast clock number throughout the bidstream, providing transparency on the provenance of every ad in order to meet product and age-specific advertising rules.

DoubleVerify claims a first with connected TV Fully On-Screen Completion measurement offering

The Fully On-Screen Completion measurement solution allows advertisers to measure signals that offer a strong proxy for viewability on connected TV devices. Buyers understand how many impressions were played to completion and identify drop-off points along the way. This is combined with evidence that 100% of ad pixels could display on the screen consistently.

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