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National broadcasters are now struggling to compete with Netflix, analyst firm warns

Ampere Analysis is predicting that national broadcasters in Europe are going to struggle to compete with Netflix, with “the global vs local imbalance further...

Ampere Analysis highlights ‘compounding’ as the key to emerging TV business models

Ampere Analysis has highlighted five key business model changes as the TV industry adapts to the rapid growth of streaming, including bundling (with discounting) of streaming services and attempts to cover more genres– including news and sport – within general entertainment streaming offers. Studio prioritisation of their own D2C services for distribution is another. ‘Compounding’ is the common denominator that explains all five developments.

DISH and CBS enable addressable advertising on national broadcast inventory

Pay TV operator DISH and CBS, the television network, have achieved a notable innovation in the USA by enabling addressable advertising on national broadcast...

TVDataNow targets DTC advertisers with connected TV measurement and attribution solution

A one-year-old U.S. company specialising in connected TV measurement and attribution is building a client base from direct-to-consumer brands who have maxed out on Google and Facebook advertising and need a new digital channel for their media investment. TVDataNow combines viewing data from publishers with website activity from advertisers to demonstrate campaign and creative performance, thus helping to optimise these. The company is bringing first-time TV advertisers into the market.

Parent and child co-viewing is alive and well, and advertisers benefit

In a recent report published by nScreenMedia covering U.S. streaming homes with children under 12-years-old, three-quarters of parents said they watch TV with their children several times a week or more, and 29% of parents have daily co-viewing sessions with their children. In good news for advertisers, kids show either the same attention or more attention to ad breaks (in relation to programming) in half of homes, based on the response of parents. Children are also heavily influencing many purchase decisions.

U.S. cable operator Charter Communications is among three major new investors in Comscore

The audience insights specialist Comscore has announced three major new investors as it seeks to clear debt and improve liquidity. The company will be better placed to exploit the rapidly growing market opportunity for data-driven media insights, where it has many sought-after solutions. The U.S. cable and Pay TV provider Charter Communications is one of the new investors and has announced comprehensive measurement and insights collaboration.

Winners of Mediatel’s Media Leaders Awards are revealed

The winners of Mediatel's Media Leaders Awards 2021 were announced this week, with James Wildman, CEO of Hearst UK and President of Hearst Europe taking the ‘Media CEO of the Year’ award, and Jerry Daykin (Senior Media Director at GSK Consumer Healthcare) receiving the ‘International Media Leader of the Year’ title. The ‘Future Media Leader of the Year’ award went to Amy Butterworth, who is Media Manager at Tesco.

After a stellar year for AVOD on connected TV, Zenith says brands should invest

As AVOD on connected TV emerged as one of the lockdown winners, media agency Zenith has hailed its value to advertisers. Christian Lee, Global Managing Director at Zenith, says it is the right time for brands to invest in connected TV. “Brands should use connected TV for both branding and performance, exploiting its high ad recall and full targeting and tracking capabilities to drive awareness and sales conversions at the same time.”

2022 adspend will be $70 billion lower than if Covid-19 had never happened

The global ad market has recovered more rapidly than expected from the coronavirus induced slump and is now forecast to shrink by 7.5% across 2020 as a whole, according to Zenith, which is also predicting that global adspend will grow by 5.6% in 2021, thanks partly to the delayed summer Olympics and UEFA Euro football tournament. 2022 brings another 5.2% adspend boost but that still leaves a $70 billion shortfall on where the market was expected to be, based on pre-pandemic projections.

Samsung TV Plus is first third-party publisher partner for ITV’s Planet V

Buyers will be able to access Samsung TV Plus inventory through Planet V, ITV's advanced advertising platform, from early 2021. The collaboration marks another significant milestone for Planet V as a platform for all premium video, according to ITV. The broadcaster is in talks with multiple publishers and broadcasters about shared usage.

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