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Addressable TV advertising: enhancing brand building with the power of relevance

A recent neuroscience study shows that when served with TV advertising, respondents liked those ads that were addressable and relevant to them almost four times more than non-addressable ads. They had more accurate memories of the advertising and were more confident in their memories. Addressable TV advertising marries the benefits of data-driven digital advertising with trusted, quality traditional TV advertising and should be considered as part of any advertising mix to drive ROI for ad spend.

Is DRM enough? The answer is “No” when it comes to OTT apps

So, you’ve implemented a DRM solution into your premium playback app. The world-class content your application will provide is safe and secure, and only authorised viewers can gain access, right? Not quite. As technology evolves, cyberattacks become more sophisticated and piracy is no longer the only issue that rights owners need to worry about. Once DRM has done its job, the user’s device still presents a risk. This article outlines what those risks are and how to counter them.

How smart IP infrastructure is advancing production workflows

Smart IP infrastructure is already having a profound impact on production workflows. IP-enabled production that can overcome the challenges of the public Internet unlocks the flexibility required to produce professional content remotely. By tapping into smart cloud applications with machine-learning capabilities, producers can also enhance footage acquisitions and optimise how that content is curated. The move to IP is accelerating, and the organisations that harness its potential are poised to win the future of video.

Do They Know It’s Christmas Time AD all?

Digital has always been a critical channel for brand marketers, and it has been slowly taking a greater share of ad spend for years. However, this year the digital transformation has been turbocharged by the pandemic and a dramatic change in shopping habits. Brands have taken different approaches to creative this Christmas, some swerving Covid-19 completely and others integrating it sensitively, but in all cases there is an acknowledgement that the glamour of the traditional TV slot needs to be underpinned by a solid digital campaign.

Will the relentless rise of OTT continue post-Covid?

Consumers were already welcoming new streaming services before 2020 and lockdown certainly accelerated this trend, but how do you avoid churn when life returns to normal? OTT providers should focus on catch-up and nPVR, VOD content, UX and personalisation, trial options, new features and marketing to secure existing viewers – and attract new ones. It is likely that audiences will keep the best bits of their lockdown experience and get rid of anything that is not serving them.

Top OTT strategies to address in 2021

This article lists four key strategies that OTT players should consider in 2021 to optimise revenues and realise their full market potential, starting with the use of D2C to create not just services but communities that are ‘The Home’ to your chosen content discipline. It advises the use of advanced AI to truly understand OTT viewing behaviour and move beyond blunt assumptions about content choices, and advises UX simplicity so that viewers and fans are not told what to do, but given the tools to shape their own experience. The need for a strong, full-service content and service protection strategy completes the list.

Tackling the knowledge gap will accelerate Advanced TV advertising

Tackling the knowledge gap will accelerate Advanced TV advertising Advanced TV is currently providing a much-needed bright spot in an uncertain marketing landscape. Marketers across the UK recognise the benefits it offers, and are widely optimistic about its potential, with over 70% planning to increase ad spend in the channel over the coming year, according to research commissioned by FreeWheel. This article outlines some important buy-side opinions about Advanced TV and its uses, including differences in attitude between agencies and brands.

The next frontier: What’s ahead for CTV advertising?

CTV is advertising’s next frontier, combining the best of TV and digital to offer a premium viewing experience combined with unique targeting capabilities and exceptional reach. Over the coming year industry collaboration, an emphasis on addressability, progress in standardisation and a focus on education will allow the industry to begin the next stage in its journey, tackle any challenges head-on and realise its full potential. This article reviews each of these agenda items, and starts with a look at the opportunities when using CTV as an advertising channel.

Navigating the world of CTV for advertisers

Connected TV is an exciting opportunity for advertising, promising reach on a par with traditional TV in the same high-quality environments, but with the efficiencies of digital when it comes to planning, audience-based targeting and measurement. However, investment in this channel is still low and this article highlights the challenges for CTV in Europe, based on recent research. This showed that fragmentation of supply is slowing adoption, and that we need a better understanding of the sources of supply and the benefits of each access point. Identity is another priority as it underpins frequency capping, targeting and attribution.

Marrying simplicity and complexity in CTV is key to success

Connected TV has been on marketers’ radars for a while but was in the early-adopter stage when the pandemic hit. Changes in consumer behaviour since then have advanced CTV by years, with significant implications for advertising, not least because TV has now become addressable. There is still much work to do. A good user experience requires unification of supply, with advertisers able to see bid opportunities and performance across all forms of TV, and we need the ability to measure incremental audience lift. The industry must also avoid hyper-targeting for the sake of it, or rushing to find a common currency by adopting the lowest common denominator.

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